Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soda Steam Review

I had to write a review on my soda stream because I saw on Facebook the other day one of my friends saying how stupid he thought it was!

I can see how someone that has never used a soda stream might feel that way; but I'm here to tell you that isn't the case. This is an item that now that we have it in my house we can't live without. I was actually complaining today because my Co2 container ran out so I couldn't use it.

The photo that I posted is the one I have it is just a simple soda stream that you can make liter bottles of soda in. Soda's aren't the only think you can make in it though; you can make sparkling waters or energy drinks. My son loves to mix the energy drink with the orange soda. It makes an orange flavored energy drink. I make a lot of sparkling water and cranberry raspberry soda.

The soda stream is so easy to use as well.  All you do is fill the litter bottle up to the fill line then screw it on to the machine. Once it is screwed on you are going to press the button on top about 3 times until it makes a different type of noise. Next you unscrew the bottle and you are ready to add your flavors. This next step is very important that you do it right. When adding the flavors make sure you tilt the bottle and pour it in slowly so that it doesn't fizz up all over the place.

Soda stream sodas are also better for you then regular soda. They are lower in sodium and sugar. They are also a great treat for kids because its not full of sugar and there is a wide variety of flavors for them to choice from. The soda lasts in the bottles for about 3 days with out losing its fizz!!

I would defiantly recommend this product! It is well worth the money it is defiantly an investment.