Friday, September 7, 2012

Review of Pet Treat Lickey Stik’s

I got free full size samples of this product in Braised Liver for my dog (Bruiser) and Chicken for my cat (Coraline). This is an interesting concept for a pet treat. It is a liquid treat that coming in a bottle with a roller on the top; think roll on deodorant.

Lickey Stik’s are all natural and made in America. That in its self is reason to check it out. Lickey Stik is made by PetSafe. The dog ones come in a larger bottle then the feline one bottle states it has over 500 licks! I’m not going to count it so I will take their word on it. It also has 1 calorie per 10 licks so if your pet has a weight issue this would be a good treat for them.

The Lickey Stik for dogs comes in 6 flavors so there is something for every dogs taste. The flavors are Savory Chicken, Braised Liver, Smoky Bacon, Sharp Cheese, Peanut Butter, and Big Beef. Bruiser who normally isn’t a huge fan of Liver seemed too really like the Lickey Stik; except for when the smell was stronger than other times. Bruiser doesn’t care for the smell of the liver. If he gets a big whiff of it he starts barking and kicking with his back legs. He doesn’t seem to act this way when I open the Feline Chicken one! So it must just be the strong liver smell he doesn’t like. He really seems to like the Lickey Stik; I think I’m going to have to get him some other flavors to try. I know he likes the chicken because he pushed poor Coraline out of the way to taste hers!

The Feline Lickey Stiks come in 6 flavors as well; the flavors are chicken, tuna, dairy, beef, turkey, and salmon. The bottle is smaller than the canine one but it says there are hundreds of licks in each bottle. The feline one is 1 calorie per 20 licks. Coraline is kind of indifferent to the Lickey Stik! She doesn’t seem to get the concept of licking the roller ball; however she is still a baby too maybe as she gets older she will enjoy it more. She did seem to lick it a little but not enough for me to know whether or not she likes them.