Friday, September 20, 2013

Huge Origami Owl Chocolate Locket Pop Up Sale!!!!!!

Who doesn't love chocolate?? This chocolate lockets are on sale this weekend only! The sale ends on Sunday September 22 at midnight eastern time. 

You have your choice of the 3 lockets listed in the photo. You will get the locket, necklace, and charms you see listed. For the sale price of $45.00 plus shipping. 

This is a great deal! It's about a 50% saving! If you are interested email me at I will send you a paypal invoice and place your order! You need to order early to ensure you get this great deal! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Origami Owl Facebook Party

I wanted to take a few minutes and invite my readers to an online Origami Owl party this coming Sunday, September 22,2013.

I will be available to answer any questions and assist you with designing your very own living locket. I will also be announcing a new product that will be available in November. 

Don't miss out on the fun!! Join me on Facebook at also please like my fan page   You can also check out my Origami Owl page at 

If you need assistance with placing an order or you would like to find out how you can host a party you can email me at 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Ransom of Brownie By C.L Bevill

  • BN ID: 2940148411017
  • Publisher: C.L. Bevill LLC
  • Publication date: 9/10/2013
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 917
  • File size: 499 KB

I love the bubba series including all of the novellas as well. The Ransom of Brownie is only about 125 pages, however it is epic!!! Brownie is such a crafty boy. If he was your son he would probably drive you off the deep end. 

I sometimes wonder how C.L Bevill comes up with some of the things she does! There were a couple times I laughed out loud while I was reading it. 

Which if you are familiar with this the Bubba series I'm sure you asked yourself the same thing I did when I saw the title! Who the hell would kidnap Brownie? They have to be a special kind of touched. 

This is such an epic series and if you haven't read it you really need to start at the beginning reading Bubba and the dead women. Other wise you wont get some of the statements in the book! You wont be disappointed reading this series. So go out there and get your redneck on!!!   

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is one of a couple new shows I was really looking forward to seeing. I really liked this new spin on the story of Sleepy Hollow.

It is set in present time with Crane and the horseman being resurrected. 

Of course Crane comes off as being insane but that quickly starts to change as more and more people see the horseman or turn up without their heads. 

I look forward to more episodes of this show! I hope it isn't cancelled since I can see myself getting addicted to it! You can check it out on Fox on Monday nights at 9:00pm. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Harry Potter Movie?

That's right boys and girls there is a new Harry Potter movie in the works. Sort of! Its actually going to be a spin off film based on Hogwarts textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

J.K Rowling will also be making her screenwriting debut with this film. This film is going to be the first in a series involving the fantastic beasts in the Harry Potter books as well as the companion books.  

J.K Rowling's also states this isn't going to be a prequel or  sequel to the Harry Potter series. This movie is meant to be more of the expansion of the wizard world. This movie will also have video games and it will be closely tied with

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm excited over seeing more of this fantastic beasts brought to life. I'm also very interested to see if any of our favorite characters from the Harry Potter movies will make an appearance in these movies. I know they want to have careers that isn't stereotyping them but I would still love to see some of our favorites appear. 

Speaking of favorites! What creatures are you looking forward to seeing more of?

A few house elfs maybe? I know a lot of people didn't like Doby. That people call him Harry Potter's Jar Jar Binks! But I liked him and cried when he died. Sorry spoiler but if you haven't seen it by now shame on you. 

How about maybe more phoenix? 

Or how about a mermaid? I think more mermaids would be awesome. I love they aren't the Ariel style mermaids you might have expected. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vampire University (Book One in the Vampire University Series) By VJ Erickson

  • BN ID: 2940044380684
  • Publisher: VJ Erickson
  • Publication date: 3/15/2013
  • Sold by: SMASHWORDS - EBKS
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 7,601
  • File size: 400 KB

I didn't know what to expect when I picked up this book but it defiantly not what I expected. This was a great read. Being a collage student myself I was able to relate to the hardships Taylor was facing as a freshman. However my time as a freshman was never this exciting! 

Taylor's parents were killed in an accident when she was young so she didn't have anyone to help her get settled in at collage. Except her overly excited roommate Hannah. She thinks Hannah is a bit strange but discovers there is more to her and some of her other classmates then meet the eye. She also makes discoveries about herself; she never thought she would. 

I love that the author of this book is a male but was able to make such a strong and determined female character. I also liked that he was able to build such a strong bond between some of the characters in such a short amount of time. This book takes place during the week or two of freshman orientation. I look forward to reading the rest of this series. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a good paranormal book. There isn't any strong language or sexual content per say so it's a good book for all readers. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Build your Living Locket in 5 Easy Steps!!

With Origami Owl you can build a personal locket that tells a story about you or holds a personal memory. You can always start small when building your locket for example just buy a locket and a couple charms. Then add as you go. 

You can also change out your charms to fit your mood. Its quick and easy to change your charms. It will only take a couple of minutes to do. Which will give you a whole new look. 

You can also have a ton of fun with your Origami Owl.  There are so many looks you can design. Also this month only Origami Owl paired with The Band Perry; you can purchase a limited addition pioneer tag. You can either just purchase the tag or you can get the single or full album as well. 

I love the tags. They are so much fun to add to your locket. You can also add dangles to your necklace as well. There are so many fun idea's the possibilities are endless. The most important thing about Origami Owl is to have fun creating something fabulous. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at I will be more then happy to answer any of your questions. Also if you are interested in becoming an Origami Owl Designer I can assist you with that as well. Also please follow my facebook page!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jinnrise Vol. 1

  • ISBN-13: 9781613777527
  • Publisher: Idea & Design Works, LLC
  • Publication date: 10/8/2013
  • Edition description: Mature Readers (ages 16 and up)
  • Pages: 124

Jinnrise Vol. 1 is a graphic novel geared towards a more mature reading audience. The store is based in the Middle East. There is an american international student named Andrew. This story is a blending of aliens and mythological. When the aliens Kibrani invade the Jinn comes to the rescue of Andrew and the young boy who owns the Jinn's lamp. 

The illustrations in the graphic novel are very detailed. I loved the coloring of this graphic novel. I defiantly think the story is different and can go in a lot of different directions. I like really liked the blue color of the Jinn. He really stood out in the battle scenes. 

I think if you are looking for a different story to read this one might be right up your alley. Its not what I normally read; however it was a good read. I can appreciate a good graphic novel even when its not my normal style. This graphic novel will be released on October 1,2013. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hellboy: The Midnight Circus

  • File Size: 38603 KB
  • Print Length: 56 pages
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics (November 5, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

I was fortunate enough to be able to get an advanced copy of Hellboy The Midnight Circus. This is an epic graphic novel. 

This one features a young Hellboy who gets upset with B.P.R.D and runs away. He stumbles upon a weird and fantastic circus; that is inhabited by demons. It reminds Hellboy of his favorite story Pinocchio.  

The story is incredibly written. It was an excellent read that I enjoyed thoroughly. I actually read it twice before writing this review. The illustrations are wonderfully drawn. I loved the incredible art work. It wasn't brightly colored but having the darker art really made Hellboy pop.     

This graphic novel doesn't come out until November but it is a must have! It will be available in hardback and electronic. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Review of Crime Wave By Rose Pressey

  • BN ID: 2940148635710
  • Publisher: Rose Pressey
  • Publication date: 7/23/2013
  • Series: A Maggie, P.I. Mystery , #1
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook

Rose Pressey is one of my favorite indie authors. Normally she tends to write paranormal books however she went a slightly different direction with this book. This book is a good old fashion mystery. I love paranormal books but I love to switch off to other styles. 

As always Rose wrote a great read. Her lead character Maggie is fun and is someone you can relate to. Jake Jackson is a charming and devilishly handsome male lead character.Not to be forgotten is Maggie's senior assistant Dorthy who I think maybe able to give Betty White a run for her money. Dorthy is also always armed with her knitting needles and peppermints. 

Maggie took over her Uncles P.I business after he passes away. She is happy to take on the challenge because she needs a change in her life. She is also thrilled to get a new client on her first day. A case that should be an easy one just prove his wife is having an affair. Which when she takes the proof to her client she discovers him dead. His cheating spouse is arrested; so she hires Maggie to help prove her innocence. Maggie shouldn't have taken this case between dead bodies, getting shot at and all kinds of other danger she may lose her life before she is able to start her life over. 

This is an excellent read; I would recommend this to any book lover.If you haven't read any of Rose's books before I defiantly think you are missing out by not reading her stories. She has such a way that really brings her characters to life. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Orange is the New Black and Hemlock Grove

I know I'm a little behind with checking out Orange is the new Black; since it premiered on July 11,2013. It's a original, so I figured there are some people who don't think they want to invest time in a show that isn't on a cable channel. 

I don't know why I waited this long to start watching it since Netflix had already pulled me in with Hemlock Grove. This show like Hemlock Grove is for mature audiences. If your offended by language, nudity, or sexual content you might want to sit this one out. 

I watched the first three episodes out of thirteen tonight. I figure I will be finished season one by the end of the week. The main character Piper gets one year in prison for being involved in drug smuggling ten years prior. She is an uptight and not cut out for prison. The show flips back and forth between past and present. Not only do you learn about Piper but you start to learn about the rest of the girls and how they got were they are. 

If you don't think a woman's prison show is up your alley because your more the paranormal TV show type. Check out Hemlock Grove. You will have plenty of enjoyment. Gypsy's werewolf's  and other surprises oh my!! You also don't have to worry about getting hooked and having it canceled it has already been picked up for a second season. With True Blood coming to end we will need something to fill the void. What better way to do that then with Eric's real life brother who place Roman on Hemlock Grove! 

Origami Owl

With Origami Owl you can create living lockets to fit your personality! There is so many different ways you can design your locket. The first step is to decide what size locket you want they come in three sizes. The lockets also come in several color tones. 

Once you decide on the locket you can get started designing your locket. Adding plates or leaving it clear on both sides, picking your charms, and adding dangles. The latest hot style is mixing metals. For example a silver locket, with a rose gold plate, and yellow gold chain. Another option is a black locket with rose gold. 

Origami Owl has also teamed up with The Band Perry, to celebrate the power of being a pioneer. With a specially designed Tag to be a reminder to be brave and leave past troubles behind. “Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled” is expressed on the front and “I’ll go Anywhere” is quoted on the back of this limited edition Tag. You can also buy the Tag with an album or song download. 

Another new item that will be making it's debut this year is going to be the Origami Owl bracelet. This is going to be an exciting new addition to your collection. 

Origami Owl offers something for everyone from Disney to Collage Sports and everything in between. 

If you have any question or want more information you can contact me at If your interested in hosting an online party or joining my team, I would be more then happy to assist you! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Peachy Cheap Deals

One thing you may not know about me is I love to craft. The only thing I might love more then crafting is a good deal. is a great website that offers one great deal a day. The deals are mostly stuff geared towards paper crafting. However there are some things like stencils or markers you can use for many different projects.

I have ordered from them a few times now. I have never been disappointed in the items I bought. The descriptions are very accurate. You also receive your items in about 7 to 10 days. You will get a shipping conformation in your email with a tracking number from BBC Enterprise. 

I find myself looking forward to the daily deal. I don't buy all of them normally about one a week or so. The photo is today's deal. Last I checked it hadn't sold out yet this brad pack is $9.99 plus shipping. Depending on the deals sometimes they sell out almost as soon as they go live at midnight other times they have plenty. 

The items are always top quality. The stencils I bought are easy to clean and completely reusable. I recommend signing up for the newsletter so you never miss a great deal. 

Happy Crafting!!  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Review of DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia

  • ISBN9781404882973
  • Price7.95
  • CurrencyUSD
  • EditionPaperback

This graphic novel is geared for ages 6-8; however this is a must have for any DC comics enthusiast.

This book is written by Steve Korte and illustrated by Art Baltazar; it's also 130 pages. This is a great graphic novel. It not only gives you the names of super pet and villain pets but it also gives you the stats on each one. Such as what is that pets super powers are, its allies, and foes. My favorite pet is Giggles the laughing hyena, he is Harley Quinns pet. Since she is my favorite DC Character it makes sense. 

The illustrations in this book are bright and colorful. I also love how the pets mimic their owners in style and personality. There is not mistaking who they belong too. 

I truly enjoyed this fun book. It also gives you a bit of insight into your favorite character by the type of pet or pets in some cases they choice. There is an entire series of chapter books staring the super pets. This works as a guide or a companion book with the chapter books.

This graphic novel is available today! This book and all the other Super-Pets books are available through Capstone Young Readers.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review of My Little Pony Volume 2 Friendship is Magic

All Ages / September / IDW Publishing
$17.99 CAN: $19.99 £13.50 Softcover

I was lucky enough to be a lucky reader getting an advanced readers copy of this graphic novel. This graphic novel will be released on September 24, 2013. You will go on a magical, colorful journey to Ponyville with this graphic novel. 

 It has beautiful illustrations. I would love some of them for my art gallery. The color is bright and crisp. I'm only recently getting into reading graphic novels and comic books on my Nook or online. I have stayed pure old school in that area. After checking this one out I will defiantly add more electronic ones to my collection.

I really loved the story in this book as well. Its all about friendship. You also read about how the power of friendship can over come all. This story isn't just a fluffy girly read like you might think since it is My Little Pony's! There is a darkness to this story that is brilliantly worked in to the story.  

This is excellent for readers of all ages. I think anyone would enjoy this tale of good vs. evil. I'm not going to say this is a great read for our female readers only because I think people should be allowed to enjoy what ever makes them happy. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don't shop at No More Rack!!!

I feel like I need to warn all my readers about I had never used them before but I buy a lot of items online. I also saw an ad that stated the discounts you can get from shopping with them. Lets face it, it's just silly to pass up a bargain. While looking at the site I saw a 16 mega pixel Fuji digital camera bundle. I had been looking for a better camera. I also wanted one of the more professional style ones opposed to the point and shoot I currently used. I felt the price was right as well $179 plus $2 shipping for the camera and bundle. The bundle included a 8 gig SD card, table tripod, cleaning kit, SD reader, and camera bag.

To my surprise I received the camera in 3 days! I'm so excited and can't wait to use it. As I was unpacking the box; I discover the bundle is missing items. As I started to put batteries in the camera I discover it's the wrong camera this one is a 14 mega pixel. I go to the website to discover they offer 24/7 customer service. So even though its after 9pm on a Saturday; I can get customer service. How cool is that? I send an email which I hear back in about 3 hours. I read the email which said to return the camera and once it's received they will refund my money since they don't make exchanges. Ummm What?

So I call the 800 number on Sunday morning because silly me I thought maybe she misunderstood what happened. I get a rude girl who tells me the same thing the email said but also talks to me like I'm a child. I said to her but it wouldn't really be an exchange since they sent me the camera bundle that was $94 instead of what I ordered. She at that time told me that they don't do exchanges for any reason, I can always reorder the camera but they wouldn't advise it since she can't guarantee that I would get the right camera. At this point I asked for a supervisor. It took me an additional 10 minutes before I got a supervisor because she didn't want to transfer me telling me that she would just tell me the same thing.

When I finally did get the supervisor she was in her car with the windows open and the phone on speaker so the connection wasn't very good. She did tell me the same thing and I said that it wasn't very good customer service. She informed me that was the way they were. She also told me to return the camera and she would even refund my return shipping. Isn't that nice? So since I hate going to the post office for the most part I suggested since the camera was still a bit better then mine she just refund me the difference and I keep it. She said they can't do that if I want to keep the camera that is up to me but there wont be any kind of refund. I asked how long it would take to get my refund returned to me. I was told it could take up to 3 weeks; however if the camera gets misplaced or lost the refund will take longer if I get it at all. Lost returns are not refunded. I said to her that I didn't want to deal with her anymore I would just talk to since they are how I paid for the item.

I have to say PayPal is the best which is why if paying through them is an option I always use it. I called to file a dispute. I spoke to a nice guy named Wayne. He agreed with me that they were trying to do a bait and switch. He also said I was being more then reasonable with requesting the difference. He sent a contact letter to to try to work something out. They refused to refund the difference so I ended up having to send the camera back since I refuse to pay almost double for it. Which paypal told me to get a tracking number for the camera send it to them so they can refund my money once it is delivered and they are refunding my shipping as well.

In the mean time I went on looking to see what camera's they have. I found the same camera I wanted plus a camera case, 8 gig SD card, and batteries for the same amount. Its also brand new. That was another thing the camera they sent me was refurbished.  I received the new camera in 3 days as well. It takes wonderful crisp pictures.

Oh and on another side note after I had ordered the camera but before I knew they were a total pain to deal with I placed 2 more orders. 1 order was totally drama free. However the other order was 3 items. I got an email stating 2 of the items were shipped together however when the package arrived it wasn't big enough for 2 items. I contacted them again. I was told they would email distribution to try to find out what happened to my missing shower head. I contacted them 3 days ago on this issue, I haven't heard back yet. If it doesn't show up or they don't contact me after my last item arrives on Wednesday, I will be talking to PayPal again. They already told me that I need to do an additional dispute.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello World!!

Hello All!! I know I haven't posted in forever however I'm trying to rectify that! Since I have last posted I have started going to school for my B.A. I've also had one of my short stories published in an anthology. The anthology is currently only available in Kindle Format however it will be available in paperback through Amazon and for Nook on Barnes and Nobles. The anthology is called Dawn of the Living Dead. It has 14 short stories inside and its for charity. The proceeds go to To Write Love On Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope & finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, & suicide.