Monday, September 17, 2012

Review of The Dark Side of Disney by Leonard Kinsey

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WOW!! That is the best adjective to use when talking about this book. However if you get offended easily don't even bother reading this book while planing your next Disney Vacation.

This book was suggested to me by another fellow C.M. I actually laughed out loud at some of the scams in the book because it is stuff that you see everyday. There is one part of the book where he says a housekeeper in his hotel was pissed one morning. After he talked to her, he found out that she opened the fridge to clean it and there were used condoms in there that splashed all over her. I felt so sorry for her because that is something that our wonderful guest do to us all the time. It's funny to treat us like crap and throw stuff at us. 

I applaud Leonard for writing this book. I know there are people out there wondering why? The reason is I do love Disney however it is not the place that it used to be and sadly I've seen it suck the life force out of it's Cast Members. I went season so that didn't happen to me. I felt the love of my job leaving me; I had to make a choice. I chose to leave while I still loved all of what Uncle Walt wanted for us.

If you are planing a trip to Disney check out this book. There are a lot of good suggestions in it. If I was vacationing I would defiantly use a lot of the tips. If you don't want to know where good spots are for a little vacation sex then don't read that section but remember Disney is like Vegas "What happens at Disney  stays at Disney".