Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review of Fangs for Nothing by Adrianne Ambrose

  • ISBN-13: 9781617927164
  • Publisher: BookBaby
  • Publication date: 6/3/2011
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 210
  • Sales rank: 499,919
  • Series: Fangs for Nothing Series
  • File size: 567 KB

Vampire books seem to be the thing for me this week since this is the third one I’ve read in as many days but I do that sometimes just read the same type of book for a while. This week just happens to be vampires.

Fangs for Nothing is a great book! Normally the whole teenagers and vampire thing tends to turn me off unless of course it’s Lost Boys. But then again they never grow old and they never die; so are they still really teenagers? Any way teenager vampire books tend to make me want to reach in the pages and slap they sulky, forlorn teens in the book. That isn’t the case with this one. For the most part they main characters are strong willed independent teens with a dash of insecurity for good measure.

I love the mix up of characters in this story it’s almost the Breakfast Club of vampire stories. The story is the perfect length as well. I like that Adrianne didn’t feel the need to add extra content to try to make the story longer. I tend to dislike useless content. 

There is also a beautiful underlying love story in this book. I almost missed it as I was reading it since it’s subtle until the end of the story but it really brings the story together. I think if it wasn’t there it would miss an important element of the story.

I do hope there ends up being a sequel to this book, since it ended with potential for a sequel. I look forward to reading more of Adrianne work in the future and I hope she keeps entertaining us with brilliant story telling.