Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review of An American Vampire: Blood and Wine by J.M Daniels

  • BN ID: 2940033199099
  • Publisher: J. M. Daniel, via Smashwords
  • Publication date: 4/9/2012
  • Sold by: SMASHWORDS - EBKS
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 7,686
  • File size: 218 KB

This book isn’t a very long or hard read so if you are looking for a book that you don’t really have to concentrate on reading this is that book. With that said it wasn’t a bad read it just doesn’t have a lot of peaks in the story; more even steady story telling.

This book is being told by lead character Daniel. It starts out right before he is turned into a vampire to present time. For a good portion of the book Daniel is trying to find himself and where he belongs now that he is a vampire.

Along the way he does meet several other vampires that help to sculpt the vampire he becomes. It’s more of a kindhearted vampire tale. I feel that it is missing a lot of the key elements that go into making a great vampire story. There isn’t a lot of that raw emotion that you find in a lot of vampire books; its’ also missing the remorse that goes along with it.

All in all this isn’t a bad story but if you are hoping for a vampire book that is going to knock your socks off this one isn’t it. However this is a good book for younger readers since it lacks a lot of the sexual and violent content that normally accompanies vampire stories.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Review of Reign of Blood by Alexia Purdy

  • BN ID: 2940014486262
  • Publisher: Lyrical Lit. Publishing
  • Publication date: 4/28/2012
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 134,576
  • File size: 472 KB

I know this is going to sound sick but I love a good post-apocalyptic story! I always enjoy reading about what could happen to us in the future or not so distant future if you believe the Mayan calendar thing. However my favorite part of these stories is without these tragedies; there can’t be hope. It’s the hope and that willing to survive that is what drawls me in. No one wants to read a story where the world as we know it has come to an end just to have everyone lose hope and give up!

Reign of Blood is one of the best post-apocalyptic stories I have ever read. I thought the Strain series was my favorite but that was before I started this series!

In Reign of Blood the end comes in the form of a virus. Once you contract this virus you become a shell of your former self. Like a vampire you crave and survive off of blood but you’re completely wild almost like a zombie vampire!

April is one of the only human survivors left. She is learning how to survive in this new world with her mother and little brother Jeremy. They live in a fall out bunker deep in the woods outside of Las Vegas. They make trips into the city to gather supplies never seeing another human just those wild creatures.

Until the day everything changes. April gets dropped off at the sporting goods store to stock up on weapons; then she is supposed to meet her family at the grocery store. However when she gets there they are gone! Ashley’s who world changes she is in a race against time to find her family before it’s too late.

It doesn’t take long for April to realize things aren’t always what they seem and the virus may not have turned everyone into wild creatures incapable of though! One thing is for certain April’s life will never be the same!

I look forward to reading the second book in this amazing series!  I really like the characters in this book. They all have a presence about them. Even April who is in her late teens; I was glad to see she wasn’t one of those sullen creatures that tend to grace to many popular books. She has a personality about her that even if you older then her; you will be reminded of someone you know.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review of Legends of Marithia Book 1 by Peter Koevari

PaperbackUncut and Extended Second Edition210 pages
Published May 23rd 2012 by Createspace (first published November 24th 2009)
1477508724 (ISBN13: 9781477508725)
edition language

This book takes you into the realm of great fantasy story telling that just isn’t found in a lot of recent stories. If you a fan of authors such as Terry Brookes; you will love this book.

Staying in tradition of great fantasy story telling the base of this book is good vs. evil. Which of course by the end of book one you are not sure who the victor will be the battle can still go either way. Each side has their own prophesy that once fulfilled it will give that side the upper hand; but no everyone is who they seem. Like many other books you will find tales of love and deception in the plot as well as ultimate sacrifices!

You will also find some elements in this book that set it apart from other fantasy books. Peter pushes the boundaries of the fantasy realm. By not just having fantasy favorites such as Fairies, Elves, and dragons but you there are also vampires, demons, and other dark creatures. 

I defiantly think that this is one indie author that has potential to go far in this gene. I can’t wait to see what Peter has in store for us in book 2. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interview with Author Lori Brighton

Hello Lori, Thank you for doing this interview.

1. Did you always want to be a writer or did you realize it later on?

Later on. I’ve always had a vivid imagination, and often made up stories, I just didn’t write them down. Honestly, the whole grammar/rules turned me off and I found English class to be rather boring when I was in school. So I just assumed I wasn’t cut out for writing. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I decided to try and write my own romance novel.

2. Do you do anything other than write?

This is the first year in which I can say that writing is my full time job! lol. I had quit my museum job a long time ago to stay at home with my son, which gave me time to write. Now that he’s in school, I can focus more on my writing. But this is the first year in which I’m actually making a salary.

3. What do you like to do when you have down time?

Honestly, most of my time is spent writing. My computer is always on. But when I’m not writing, I’m usually spending time with my family. We like to hike and travel. We travel as much as we can, tending to visit places along the beach, or historical cities.

4. Do have a favorite author that inspires you?

There are so many! But when I was sixteen I read my first romance novel and that’s what hooked me, that’s what made me want to write my own book later on. It was a Julie Garwood historical romance and I totally fell in love. So you could definitely say she’s my favorite.

5. Do you have a favorite place you like to go to think when you are working on a story?

Traveling definitely gives me new ideas. But when I’m at home the best place is in my office. It’s full of inspirational things and it’s nice and quiet. Sadly, I love T.V. and so I often have my laptop and am parked on the couch in front of the T.V.

6. You write several different types of stories do you prefer one style to the other?

No, not really. I love every subgenre, which is why I decided to write them all! I want to write some contemporary romance too, that way I’ll truly hit them all. lol. The one thing they all have in common is romance. But to answer your question I usually prefer whichever genre I’m writing at the moment.  

7. I just finished reading The Ghost Hunter; did you know when you started writing that book it was going to be a series?

Yes, I usually plan my books to be series because I think readers like a series more than a standalone book. I know I do. So I usually plan to have 2 to 3 books per series.

8. Where do you come up with the characters for your books?

No idea! They just come to me. I might get an idea from a newstory, or historical place. I try to make my characters different in each book, so I might write an alpha male in one book and a more beta in another.

9. Are the places in your stories similar of places you’ve traveled to or would like to?

Yes, I’m always placing my books in cities I’ve visited, or would like to. You’ll find most of my historicals in England because that’s what readers like and that’s what I like! I’m working on my third book for my Mind Readers series and it takes place partly in Savannah; I love that city!

10. What is next for you?

I’m hoping to finish up book 3 in my Mind Readers series by Mid Sept. I’m also working on the second book in my Seduction Series, a historical romance for Amazon’s Montlake publishing. Then I’ll be starting a new YA series. And I have more paranormal romance in the works as well! A little of everything!

Again thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Also currently Ghost Hunter and book 1 in the Mind Readers series are free ebooks so make sure you check them out!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Review of BBC America's New Drama Copper

As usual BBC America did not disappoint with Copper! I just hope they don't do to this one like they did with HEX. If your not familiar with HEX it was a great tv show about a witch that ran fine the first season then when the second season rolled around it aired out of order so people had no idea what was going on. So people stopped watching it; then it got canceled

Copper takes place in New York City in 1864. Life isn't anything like it is today. Everyone is fighting to survive and the rich are living on top of the world; getting away with murder. 

The main character Kevin Corcoran returns home from the Civil War and is appointed Police Detective. He discovers how violent life is now. Its full of racial tension and corruption. He will also stop at nothing to find out what happened to his missing wife and who is responsible for his daughters death.

One thing I do love about this is forensic science if anything would have been in it's infancy. The person who Corcoran takes the first murder victim of the series to is Dr. Matthew Freeman. A black Doctor who lives in the 5 points neighborhood. Which is where most of the show takes place because that is where the cities underground lives. Corcoran takes the victim to Dr. Freeman because he feels he is the only one he can trust and because he knows he will give him answers. 

I defiantly can't wait for the next episode!I love cop shows anyway but really like how they use old time forensics in it as well.    

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review Of Ghost Hunter By Lori Brighton

  • BN ID: 2940032899099
  • Publisher: Lori Brighton, via Smashwords
  • Publication date: 9/11/2010
  • Sold by: SMASHWORDS - EBKS
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 1,513
  • File size: 825 KB

I have to say I was blown away by this book! If I had to use one word to describe it I would have to go with INTENSE!

I had a hard time putting this book down. There are so many great characters in this book you feel like you have to know what happens to them. Lori has also given each character such depth that your hoping that good is able to best evil; so every one makes it out alive. Although if that was the case it might not be a very good read.

You will journey with main character Ashley while she tries to find herself in England; after her Aunt passed away leaving her an old pub. She is also trying to discover what happened to her missing father. She soon discovers there are things going on that are more then she might be ready for. Christian being one of them. He is a mystery for a good portion of the book; is he a good guy or a bad guy. He brings an element of mystery and strength to the book.

I was also intrigued that this book had some elements in it that you don't find in all paranormal book. It had a combination of good and evil paranormal beings. Make no mistakes though just because it's one type of paranormal creature that doesn't mean all of them are good or that all are evil. They are written just like humans, giving each character their own deaths.

Ghost Hunter is the first book in this series. I can't wait to read book 2 Demon Hunter. I would defiantly recommend this series!!

For my younger readers this book is a mature book so there are some graphic sexual situations. So keep that in mind if you can't watch R rated movies you shouldn't be reading this book either!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review Of Grand Moff Tarkin

I've added another new action figure to my toy collection; a wonderful Star Wars piece by Kenner. I won a contest on Pixel-Dan's site. I was very excited to win since I haven't added any Star Wars items to my collection in a while.

I know for some people Grand Moff Tarkin might not be the character that you want to add to you collection but me personally I love the bad guys just as much as the good guys. This action figure is sculpted in great detail. You can easily see that this action figure was designed after the actor Peter Cushing.

He also has movable arms and legs; as well as elbows. He comes with a gun just encase he gets into a fight with those pesky rebels! You also get a  little robot with it; just like the ones you see on the death star. He is one of my favorite pieces I have in my collection. I hope to add more Star Wars action figures to my collection in the future!

Even though he is so cute I don't think I will be taking him out of the package!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Character Interview of Celeste Garrett star of The Gryphon Series interviewed by Stacey Rourke, author of the series

The following interview was shared with me by Stacey Rourke and is used with her permission.

Stacey-Celeste, thanks so much for being with us today!

Celeste-Uh, I only exist in your head. You know that, right? So it’s kind of a “where you go, I go” situation.

Stacey-(talking behind her hand) I get that, okay. But would you just please play along?

Celeste-Whatever, Boss Lady. Thanks for having me and congrats on your public display of schizophrenia.

Stacey-You’re mouthy. You know that?

Celeste-I am what you made me.
(Stacey scowls, Celeste gives her a big grin.)

Stacey-Let’s move on, shall we?

Celeste-Sure, this is fun!

Stacey-So, in book one of The Gryphon Series, The Conduit, you found out that because of a pact your ancestors made you’re the fabled Chosen One. How has your life changed since then?

Celeste-Well…I was going to go to college and be an art teacher. Now I have an army of demons chasing me and trying to kill me on a pretty much daily bases. So…uh…things have been better. Wait a sec, that was all YOUR doing! YOU made me the Chosen One! Why you…

Stacey-Next question?
(Celeste huffs.)

Stacey-Are you going to pout for the rest of the interview? I’ve done nice things for you, too! What about 
Caleb, we meet him in book 2, Embrace. He’s all kinds of fun eye candy! I made him just for you!

Celeste-He is pretty amazing. You cooked him up in your head?

Stacey-Yep! The face and hair of Ian Somerhalder, abs of Joe Manganiello, body of Alex Pettyfer and Irish accent of Gerard Butler. Nice, huh?

Celeste-Very! And I thank you for letting me play with your Frankenstien-esque creation, however I think you may be watching too much TV.

Stacey-Well this isn’t about me, is it?

Celeste-Easy, don’t get huffy. I have a question for you. (leaning in) So in book three do Caleb and I…(wiggles eyebrows suggestively)

Stacey-Celeste! First of all, if you aren’t mature enough to say what the act is you’re not ready to do it! Secondly, your Grams could be reading this!

Celeste- I know she is. Who do you think told me to do the eyebrow thing?

Stacey-Oh for crying out loud. Moving on.

Celeste-That wasn’t a yes or no.

Stacey-I guess you’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else. So, we also met Rowan in book 2, the golden haired bad boy pirate. Let’s talk a little bit about him.

Celeste-Oh, you mean the hot demon that can control my mind with a simple touch and makes me lose complete control of my inhibitions? Yeah, he’s a hoot. Thanks a bunch for that. That’ll make fidelity with 

Caleb super easy.

Stacey-Oh don’t worry, you won’t have to juggle both of them for very long.

Celeste-What?! Why? Is someone going somewhere?!

Stacey-Well that’s about all the time we have for today…

Celeste-No it’s not! I live in your head and will not let you sleep until you answer me!

Stacey-To our readers, please pick up The Conduit and Embrace by me, Stacey Rourke, and look for Sacrifice coming this fall wherever fine books are sold.

Celeste-Writers block will look like nothing compared to the sit in I’m staging until you answer me! Not one creative thought will leak out! Don’t act like you can’t hear me!

Stacey-Also catch a special Gryphon Series short in the Paranormal Days Gone Awry Anthology releasing this Halloween by Anchor Group Publishing.

Celeste-Ever gotten your butt kicked by a figment of your imagination? ‘Cause your itching for it, Rourke.

Stacey-Thank you to our guest, Celeste, for her time and thank you all for joining us. Happy reading!

Celeste-You. Me. Parking lot. Now. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review of The Princess Dragon Lord By Mandy Rosko

The Princess' Dragon Lord [NOOK Book]

  • BN ID: 2940033117000
  • Publisher: Mandy Rosko, via Smashwords
  • Publication date: 3/17/2012
  • Sold by:  Smashwords  - EBKS
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 1,269
  • File size: 888 KB

I love nothing more than curling up with a good book or in my case my Nook.  Since I have purchased my Nook I have discovered so many Indie Authors and lesser known authors that have amazing books that because they aren’t on a best sellers list somewhere people don’t know they are there.

The Princess Dragon Lord is the most recent gem I have found while surfing Barnes & Noble’s looking for something new and exciting to read. This book turned out to be just that read!

This story takes you into the fantasy realm of when fae folk and dragon lords ruled the earth. However at the same time you are 1,000 years into the future; when these wondrous folk are nothing more than myths and legends.  Or are they?

I found it heartwarming that in this story love truly concord all. Nothing not time and space or torture and death could destroy it. You will also read about the worst type of betrayal as well. This book truly has everything a good fantasy book should have romance, heart ache, and adventure.

These characters were also characters the readers can relate to. We have all done things in our life that we might regret or just not understand. There is also times that you are filled with such sadness over something that may or may not be your fault that it just eats you up inside. 

I also really enjoyed how Mandy was able to bring her characters to life. I was able to envision them; getting swept up in the adventure.

I look forward to reading more books by Mandy in the future. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Interview with Author Rose Pressey

Hello Rose. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

1. When did you know that you wanted to become an author? 

The earliest memory I have of seriously wanting to be an author was about ten years ago. I’ve always had stories in my head though. I remember making up stories when I was a kid.

2. Is there a certain Author that inspired you? 

There are many authors who inspire me. In 2005, I read a book by Mary Kay Andrews. When I finished, I knew I had to give being an author a chance. I wanted to write a book like Mary Kay Andrews. So her book sparked me to work hard and make it happen.

3. When you decided you wanted to write your first novel did you have support from your friends and family? 

I had a lot of support from my family and friends. Probably more support than I deserved.They should have told me how bad my first attempt at writing a novel was instead of telling me the book was great.

4. Do you have a certain location you like to go when you are working on your books to draw inspiration? 

I write a lot in my office, but there are a couple special places I go for inspiration. There’s a huge park near my home. It has a lot of spooky places. Plus, my favorite small town is nearby and there are a lot of historic homes there.

5. Did you always know that you wanted to write paranormal romance books? 

No, I didn’t always know, but combining the two genres seemed natural. I love romance and paranormal.

6. Is there any other style that you would like to write as well? 

I love mystery and that’s a genre I plan on writing more of in the near future.

7. You have a couple book series right now that you are working on. Do you have a favorite series? 

I love all my series. It’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. I can’t do it.

8. Your characters are very relatable even if they happen to be a werewolf; do you base your characters on people you know? 

I get inspiration from people around me, but most of the time the characters just show up fully formed in my head.

9. What is next for you? New releases? 

How to Date a Demon will be out in a few weeks. It’s the third book in the Rylie Cruz series.

10. Being an indie author is there anything you want the fans to know such as the best way to support indie authors? 

Being an indie author is tough. Having the support of readers is very important. Leaving reviews and spreading the word is two of the most important things a reader can do to support their favorite indie author.

Again Rose thank you taking the time to do this interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for the interview! I had a great time answering the questions.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Living Dead Dolls- Scary Tales Vol 4 Snow White and The Queen

One of the main toys that I collect are Living Dead Dolls which are produced by Mezco. Snow White and The Queen are part of the Scary Tales exclusive collection; they are Vol. 4. The first three fairy tale pairs in this collection are Red Ridding Hood and the Wolf, Beauty and the Beast, and Hansel and Gretel. 

These dolls were a wonderful addition to my ever growing collection of dead dolls. I must warn you when it comes to my dead dolls they never, ever come out of their coffin boxes! Since the front of the box is clear and you can see the doll perfectly inside I see no need in taking them out of the boxes. There are some dead doll collectors that do take them out of the box to display them or even play with them. I figure whatever makes you happy; it's your collection to enjoy the way you want to. 

When I saw the release for these dolls; I knew I had to have them. The photo doesn't do them justice. They are just beautiful. Snow White has raven black hair and is dressed in a black and white satin dress. Her little face and makes up is just stunning on her icy pale skin. The Queen is just as lovely even though she is the character you love to hate. She is dressed in a wine colored crushed velvet cloak and is bare foot. The Queen has striking green eyes that are the perfect contrast to Snow Whites blue eyes. 

The dolls also come with a clip board poem that depicts how the doll met its untimely demise. The one for these dolls are as follows:

"Coal colored hair and skin so fair, that was young Snow

White.The Queen did plan to kill her, but did not expect a fight.

A poison apple was the tool, it's flesh as red as fire.But in the 

end it was the Queen who ended up in the pyre."

I of course love all the dead dolls in my collection and everyone is special to me in it's own way; however 

there is just something special about Scary Tales! 


Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Breeze Blanket Pattern By Katie Hanken

One thing I love to do in my spare time is craft! There is nothing more gratifying then creating something from nothing. Now I will be the first one to admit that crocheting isn't something I have even remotely mastered. For the most part all I can manage to do is make backwards chains.

However Katie Hanken of Optimistic By Nature designs this great patterns that even the least talented crocheter would be able to follow some of them. The summer breeze blanket is skill level easy so it is perfect for the beginner like me; even though I have been trying to master crocheting for over 25 years I still have not given up. Thanks to Optimistic By Nature's patterns I don't have to. For those of you that are more skilled Katie makes patterns for every skill level.  It also depends on how adventurous you are. The choices on her Etsy site is endless. Whether you want to make a blanket, a hat, or one of many other wondrous designs she has created. One thing that Katie does ask when you buy her patterns is please do not redistribute or copy; also if you make the items to sell please give her the credit for the pattern. Which if you ask me is only fair.

I'm going to try to make this blanket. I'm hopeful and optimistic that this will be the first thing I am able to create by crocheting. If it works out I will blog about it later on and post photos of it. If you never hear another word about me crocheting even with Katie's wonderful patterns I wasn't able to go the distance with it.

For those of you interested in checking out more great patterns check out Katie's Etsy Store! Also keep checking back this pattern will be offered in a prize pack in a few weeks, with permission from Katie of course!

Dolce Mia Red Hot Tuberose Lotion

Today I thought I would let you know about this amazing lotion I just discovered! While surfing around on facebook I discovered Dolce Mia. I was lucky enough to get a sample of there lotion to try; I say lucky because this is some of the best lotion I have used in a while. I tend to have terribly dry skin from the weather conditions we have here in Florida.

All of Dolce Mia's products are are all natural, vegan products. There are no unnecessary chemicals or additives.  This is something I really like because its a green company. They are also a family run business with all products being made right here in the U.S.A. I'm all about supporting small businesses. 

This lotion is made with a shea butter base that is infused with natural botanicals, vitamin E, almond and sunflower oil. Giving you a very smooth and even lotion that glides on your skin. You are also immediately wrapped in the intoxicating aroma of tuberose. It also makes your skin feel amazing. I used the hand lotion before going to the store and I had several people comment about how good I smelled. The fragrance is also something that is lasting; not like some lotions you buy because they smell good then 5 minutes later you can't smell it any more.

Another thing that I love about Dolce Mia's  products is the packaging. The packaging is very cute. The container that the lotion came in had a classic pin up girl on it. There are also cowboy themed, nature themed and beach themed are just some of the great themes you will find.

I would defiantly recommend this this lotion for you or to give as a gift your loved ones with thank you for it.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Batman Giant Headknocker by Neca

I thought for my first official post; I would review the newest piece in my toy collection. This was a wonderfully surprising add, since it was a piece I won in a contest. I entered The Dark Knight Rises contest on's Facebook page. There were two lucky winner in the contest that won two different prize packs. The prize pack I won had TDKR Batman Giant Headknocker in it and a blue ray copy of Batman Begins; the other prize pack had a TDKR Bane Giant Headknocker and a blue ray copy of  Batman the Dark Knight.

I was very excited to learn that I was one of the winners. I love comics which I know tends to be an odd statement for a girl to make. Although I have noticed a lot more girls are getting into comics now then there were when I was growing up.

I didn't know what prize pack I had won until it actually arrived. Luck for me it was the Batman prize pack and not the Bane prize pack because my son called dibs on Bane. This Giant Headknocker stands a little over a foot tall, and is constructed out of a high quality resin. Batman is also very detailed from his head to his toes. Although he came in a very visually appealing box I did have to take him out of the box because he was just to impressive to keep in the box. He now has a forever home on my book shelf with my Living Dead Dolls and other collectibles.

Again I would like to take a moment to thank for running this amazing contest!

Hello World........

Hello Everyone! I haven't blogged in a while so please forgive me if it takes me a little bit to get back in the groove of things! I'm going to start doing reviews and contests on my blog. I also sell all natural soy candles through so I will be posting about my candles as well; and my etsy site once I get that up and running! I know there will be a lot going on here but I grantee you will love it!!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a single mom with a teenage son. I just graduated from collage with my first degree an A.S in Criminal Investigation! I am planing to continue my education in forensic science. I'm currently not working because I am focusing on getting an internship and school. So I have time to do reviews and work on my blog. If you are interested in having a review done send me an email at If you are interested in buying some candles go to or like me on FB at

Until next time have a great time~