Friday, September 21, 2012

Review of Simply Spray

Simply Spay is amazing product. Its also easy to use. I was looking forward to trying this product because using regular fabric dye's and brush on fabric paints tend to be a either messy, hard to work with, or it streaks.

I found that Simple Spray was easy to use. It also wasn't messy. So I could work on my project with out having to worry about a huge mess to clean up like you do with regular fabric dye. I also noticed that even though it has a paint odor to it; it didn't bother my asthma which is always a plus.

I feel like the projects you can do with this product are endless. There are also so many color and style options available. I think my favorite with Halloween coming is fake spray blood! I was wondering if the spay blood could be used for mock crime scenes as well!! I might have to get a can and test it out. It would be a good way for me to practice reading blood splatter patterns. For those of you that don't know I have my A.S in Criminal Investigation. If you not into blood and gore for Halloween there is also glow in the dark paint! The possibilities for the glow in the dark paint are endless.

You also have the option of puff paint as well! Now the puff paint currently only come in 2 colors; black and white. However with the right imagination I'm sure you can figure out how to use the puff paint in combination with other types of simply spray.

I love the Simply Spay fabric paint. It is so easy to use for upcycling your fabric furniture! Turn it from shabby to chic. This is what I tested. I tested it on some scrap fabric to get a feel for it before I started on a project with it. I discovered that it is so easy to use you can even craft with your kids using it. If you go on to the website there is even an area that offers project ideas. I think this would be great for making one of a kind tshirts for scouts, marathons, family reunion,ect.

I have several projects in mind that I can't wait to get started on. One of the first ones is using the lavender fabric paint to change my bedroom lampshades to match my remodel!