Friday, August 24, 2012

Review of Reign of Blood by Alexia Purdy

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  • Publication date: 4/28/2012
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I know this is going to sound sick but I love a good post-apocalyptic story! I always enjoy reading about what could happen to us in the future or not so distant future if you believe the Mayan calendar thing. However my favorite part of these stories is without these tragedies; there can’t be hope. It’s the hope and that willing to survive that is what drawls me in. No one wants to read a story where the world as we know it has come to an end just to have everyone lose hope and give up!

Reign of Blood is one of the best post-apocalyptic stories I have ever read. I thought the Strain series was my favorite but that was before I started this series!

In Reign of Blood the end comes in the form of a virus. Once you contract this virus you become a shell of your former self. Like a vampire you crave and survive off of blood but you’re completely wild almost like a zombie vampire!

April is one of the only human survivors left. She is learning how to survive in this new world with her mother and little brother Jeremy. They live in a fall out bunker deep in the woods outside of Las Vegas. They make trips into the city to gather supplies never seeing another human just those wild creatures.

Until the day everything changes. April gets dropped off at the sporting goods store to stock up on weapons; then she is supposed to meet her family at the grocery store. However when she gets there they are gone! Ashley’s who world changes she is in a race against time to find her family before it’s too late.

It doesn’t take long for April to realize things aren’t always what they seem and the virus may not have turned everyone into wild creatures incapable of though! One thing is for certain April’s life will never be the same!

I look forward to reading the second book in this amazing series!  I really like the characters in this book. They all have a presence about them. Even April who is in her late teens; I was glad to see she wasn’t one of those sullen creatures that tend to grace to many popular books. She has a personality about her that even if you older then her; you will be reminded of someone you know.