Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Living Dead Dolls- Scary Tales Vol 4 Snow White and The Queen

One of the main toys that I collect are Living Dead Dolls which are produced by Mezco. Snow White and The Queen are part of the Scary Tales exclusive collection; they are Vol. 4. The first three fairy tale pairs in this collection are Red Ridding Hood and the Wolf, Beauty and the Beast, and Hansel and Gretel. 

These dolls were a wonderful addition to my ever growing collection of dead dolls. I must warn you when it comes to my dead dolls they never, ever come out of their coffin boxes! Since the front of the box is clear and you can see the doll perfectly inside I see no need in taking them out of the boxes. There are some dead doll collectors that do take them out of the box to display them or even play with them. I figure whatever makes you happy; it's your collection to enjoy the way you want to. 

When I saw the release for these dolls; I knew I had to have them. The photo doesn't do them justice. They are just beautiful. Snow White has raven black hair and is dressed in a black and white satin dress. Her little face and makes up is just stunning on her icy pale skin. The Queen is just as lovely even though she is the character you love to hate. She is dressed in a wine colored crushed velvet cloak and is bare foot. The Queen has striking green eyes that are the perfect contrast to Snow Whites blue eyes. 

The dolls also come with a clip board poem that depicts how the doll met its untimely demise. The one for these dolls are as follows:

"Coal colored hair and skin so fair, that was young Snow

White.The Queen did plan to kill her, but did not expect a fight.

A poison apple was the tool, it's flesh as red as fire.But in the 

end it was the Queen who ended up in the pyre."

I of course love all the dead dolls in my collection and everyone is special to me in it's own way; however 

there is just something special about Scary Tales!