Friday, August 17, 2012

Character Interview of Celeste Garrett star of The Gryphon Series interviewed by Stacey Rourke, author of the series

The following interview was shared with me by Stacey Rourke and is used with her permission.

Stacey-Celeste, thanks so much for being with us today!

Celeste-Uh, I only exist in your head. You know that, right? So it’s kind of a “where you go, I go” situation.

Stacey-(talking behind her hand) I get that, okay. But would you just please play along?

Celeste-Whatever, Boss Lady. Thanks for having me and congrats on your public display of schizophrenia.

Stacey-You’re mouthy. You know that?

Celeste-I am what you made me.
(Stacey scowls, Celeste gives her a big grin.)

Stacey-Let’s move on, shall we?

Celeste-Sure, this is fun!

Stacey-So, in book one of The Gryphon Series, The Conduit, you found out that because of a pact your ancestors made you’re the fabled Chosen One. How has your life changed since then?

Celeste-Well…I was going to go to college and be an art teacher. Now I have an army of demons chasing me and trying to kill me on a pretty much daily bases. So…uh…things have been better. Wait a sec, that was all YOUR doing! YOU made me the Chosen One! Why you…

Stacey-Next question?
(Celeste huffs.)

Stacey-Are you going to pout for the rest of the interview? I’ve done nice things for you, too! What about 
Caleb, we meet him in book 2, Embrace. He’s all kinds of fun eye candy! I made him just for you!

Celeste-He is pretty amazing. You cooked him up in your head?

Stacey-Yep! The face and hair of Ian Somerhalder, abs of Joe Manganiello, body of Alex Pettyfer and Irish accent of Gerard Butler. Nice, huh?

Celeste-Very! And I thank you for letting me play with your Frankenstien-esque creation, however I think you may be watching too much TV.

Stacey-Well this isn’t about me, is it?

Celeste-Easy, don’t get huffy. I have a question for you. (leaning in) So in book three do Caleb and I…(wiggles eyebrows suggestively)

Stacey-Celeste! First of all, if you aren’t mature enough to say what the act is you’re not ready to do it! Secondly, your Grams could be reading this!

Celeste- I know she is. Who do you think told me to do the eyebrow thing?

Stacey-Oh for crying out loud. Moving on.

Celeste-That wasn’t a yes or no.

Stacey-I guess you’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else. So, we also met Rowan in book 2, the golden haired bad boy pirate. Let’s talk a little bit about him.

Celeste-Oh, you mean the hot demon that can control my mind with a simple touch and makes me lose complete control of my inhibitions? Yeah, he’s a hoot. Thanks a bunch for that. That’ll make fidelity with 

Caleb super easy.

Stacey-Oh don’t worry, you won’t have to juggle both of them for very long.

Celeste-What?! Why? Is someone going somewhere?!

Stacey-Well that’s about all the time we have for today…

Celeste-No it’s not! I live in your head and will not let you sleep until you answer me!

Stacey-To our readers, please pick up The Conduit and Embrace by me, Stacey Rourke, and look for Sacrifice coming this fall wherever fine books are sold.

Celeste-Writers block will look like nothing compared to the sit in I’m staging until you answer me! Not one creative thought will leak out! Don’t act like you can’t hear me!

Stacey-Also catch a special Gryphon Series short in the Paranormal Days Gone Awry Anthology releasing this Halloween by Anchor Group Publishing.

Celeste-Ever gotten your butt kicked by a figment of your imagination? ‘Cause your itching for it, Rourke.

Stacey-Thank you to our guest, Celeste, for her time and thank you all for joining us. Happy reading!

Celeste-You. Me. Parking lot. Now.