Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review Of Grand Moff Tarkin

I've added another new action figure to my toy collection; a wonderful Star Wars piece by Kenner. I won a contest on Pixel-Dan's site. I was very excited to win since I haven't added any Star Wars items to my collection in a while.

I know for some people Grand Moff Tarkin might not be the character that you want to add to you collection but me personally I love the bad guys just as much as the good guys. This action figure is sculpted in great detail. You can easily see that this action figure was designed after the actor Peter Cushing.

He also has movable arms and legs; as well as elbows. He comes with a gun just encase he gets into a fight with those pesky rebels! You also get a  little robot with it; just like the ones you see on the death star. He is one of my favorite pieces I have in my collection. I hope to add more Star Wars action figures to my collection in the future!

Even though he is so cute I don't think I will be taking him out of the package!