Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review of New Nivea A Kiss of Olive Oil and Lemon Moisture Lip Care

I have to say I am mostly a Soft Lips girl. However I'm always game to try a new lip care product. So when I saw Nivea was giving out samples of there new Moisturizing Lip Care product I had to try it out. 

I have been using only this lip product for the past 2 weeks. It leaves your lips feeling soft and luscious. It has a very delicate smell so your not overwhelmed by a heavy sent. 

It also glides on smooth and even. It doesn't leave a heavy coating on your lips either. It's very light on your lips. So you aren't trying to figure out how to use it lightly. 

I also like the tube that it comes in it's sort of short and squat so its not big and clunky in your pocket. So no matter what you are wearing it fits just right. It also leaves a bit of a shine to your lips so if you want to skip lipstick or gloss you can just us this. 

I'm defiantly going to continue to use this product as well as my beloved Soft Lips!