Thursday, October 25, 2012

American Horror Story: Asylem

I know American Horror Story started last week and have already had 2 episodes but since I didn't watch season 1. I thought I would take 2 weeks to see what I thought about it before I reviewed it.

Plot Summery: Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude, a nun with a troubled past. Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner. From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls.(Taken from

This show is defiantly not a show for younger views. Its chock full of nudity, violence and other adult content. 

Jessica Lang is amazing. She is a hard-ass nun that runs the asylum. The asylum has an evil dark history of abuse. 

This is a deeply disturbing tv show that if you are a fan of psychological horror shows this is defiantly what you are looking for. 

I can't wait to see what other sick and twisted plot twists this season has to offer. I look forward to see how much more evil this show will get.