Friday, October 26, 2012

Review of Dark Shadows BluRay Combo Pack

If you haven't seen Tim Burton's latest film Dark Shadows recent to DVD and BluRay. I have one suggestion for fans of the original TV Show try to go into it with an open mind. 

In true Burton fashion; he takes it and makes it entirely his own. It's only a shadow of it's former self. However that doesn't make it bad just different. 

If you think you know Dark Shadows you don't know this one. Burton brings some regulars to this film and some he has worked with before to round out the cast. This movie is Johnny Depp's 7th, Helena Bonham-Carter's 5th, Christopher Lee's 5th and Michelle Pfeiffer's 2nd Tim Burton film. 

Some of my favorite parts of this film are ones where Johnny Depp is delivering lines in such a serious dead pan manor it just makes you crack up. I don't know how he managed to keep such a strait face other then the fact he is such a brilliant actor. 

As with all Tim Burton films the props are just as amazing as what is going on in the movie. Collin's Wood is a spectacular creation. It brings such depth to the film. It has such detail and is by far one of my favorite movie houses. 

I also love that not only is Alice Cooper in the movie as the entertainment at the Collin's "Happening". But if you pay attention to the guests arriving you will find Jonathan Frid, 

Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker, and David Selby. Which were all part of the original cast of Dark Shadows.