Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review of Open Graves

While flipping through the channels I found a movie on SciFi I had never seen before. So I thought since it had Eliza Dushku in it; it should be a winner. 

I wouldn't really call it a winner! The plot is a group of American surfers discovers an old board game; every time it's played someone dies. The game supposedly came from the Spanish Inquisition and was made from the skin of one of the girls that was tortured. 

So of course the girl cursed the game and all who play it die a horrible death. The winner of the game gets to make 1 wish. 

However the movie lacks substance and real terror that you would want from a horror movie. What could have been a terrifying movie was actually more like Jumanji meets Groundhog Day with some ok death scenes.

I feel like this is time I wasted and will never get back. The only reason I decided to watch it was because Eliza Dushku. I tend to love movies and shows she has been in but this one just fell short!